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Pinwheel Charcoal Wool Rug

Like many pieces in our collection, the Pinwheel rug embraces our love of classic style with a contemporary twist. This flatweave kilim rug was created by zooming in on one detail from the batik pattern in our Collage rug and translating it into an all-over pattern. The result is a timeless design that’s adaptable for use anywhere and everywhere. From entries to bedrooms, dining rooms to dens, we’ve put this rug to the test in a multitude of spaces with winning results. Available in two monochromatic colourways (Charcoal and Denim), Pinwheel is made from 100% wool with a cotton weft.


Available in sizes:

8' x 10' (96" w x 120" h)

9' x 12' (108″ w × 144″ h)


100% wool

Made in India

Care Instructions:

With new wool rugs, shedding is common and will diminish over time. Vacuum rug regularly to prevent dust and crumbs from settling into the fibres. Using the beater bar when vacuuming your rug may cause damage. Please avoid vacuuming any fringes. Avoid direct and continuous exposure to sunlight. Do not pull loose ends, to remove them, clip them with scissors. To ensure even wear, occasionally rotate rug. Remove spills immediately, blot with clean sponge or cloth to absorb the spill. For hard-to-remove, set-in stains, professional rug cleaning is recommended.

 **For colour accuracy, please refer to close-up detail photos of rug.**

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